St. Ephrem Flag Football and Covid-19

Usually, on May 1 we begin registration for our Flag Football season. However, with the continuing Covid-19 situation in our neighborhoods, we have decided to at least temporally postpone that registration start date. Our current plan is to reassess, in a month, when to open registration. Our hope is to start registration on June 1. If we can open registration at that time, we would be able to proceed with the season in a normal way. If it does not seem prudent to register on June 1, we could still have a season, even if registration were put off into the summer. However, that would require certain adjustments in uniform requirements as well as other features such as roster size and scheduling.

Since the purpose of our league is to provide a safe and healthy experience for all of our players and their families, that will be our number 1 objective when making our decisions. We will do everything possible to insure a great season, while maintaining a safe environment.

Please stay in contact with us through our Facebook page, website or emails with your thoughts and ideas. This is your league and we care about your opinions.

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