You must be either registered or on the waiting list to participate.  If you have not done either of those things, you must notify me at to be placed on the waiting list.  Do not order a jersey or make a payment without contacting me first.

To complete your registration for the 2020 season of St. Ephrem Flag Football, we will need for you to do 3 things.

1) Fill out the jersey order form

2) Read and agree to the covid-19 guidelines 

3) Pay your registration fees

Please do all 3 things ASAP so that we can proceed and can get things started on 9/12 as planned.

Important things to note:

Because of the lack of time available to acquire the custom uniforms that we have used in the past, this year we will be using an abbreviated uniform.  This year's official uniform will simply consist of a sleeveless reversable jersey.  We will supply this jersey to all Pee-Wee, Novice & Bantam players as part of their paid registration.  There will be no additional charge.  This jersey will be worn over a shirt that you will supply.  The shirt will be your team's color.  So Royal will wear a royal blue shirt, that you supply, under the reversable jersey that we will supply.  The same for each other team color. We encourage the team to all wear the same shirt style and color wherever possible, but this is not mandatory.  There will be no restrictions in the color or type of pants, shorts or socks.  You will supply these items.  Again, we encourage everyone on the team to coordinate, but there will be no requirement to do so.

The CYO has issued strict guidelines for sports leagues operating during the pandemic.  A copy of those guidelines is attached.  Please be sure to read these guidelines and agree to abide by them. You will need to print out the attached form, fill in the names of all participants (children & adults), sign the document and then either present it to a league official at the tryout (if you are required to attend a tryout) or present it to your coach the first time that you get together (be it at a practice, meeting or game).

Registration Fees are due at this time.  The fees are the same as last season, however we will be supplying each player a reversible jersey for no additional cost.  Please make 1 payment per player.  Multiple payments in one transaction become confusing and time consuming to process.  So, if you are making payment for more than 1 child, please take the time to log out and then back in and do each 1 separately.  If anyone is having monetary difficulties due to the corona virus pandemic.  Please contact me at to discuss how we can help to get all the children that want to play onto the field this season.  

Registered and Waiting List players that order a jersey, agree to the covid guideline and attend the tryout (if new to the league or who are moving from 1 Division to the next) and who pay their registration fees will be placed on a team and will be eligible to play this season.  Anyone not fulfilling all of their obligations, will not be eligible.